Great Opportunity For Businesses in Tourism
4th April 2011
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Somerset-based website design company, ADK Design, is currently offering an exciting new tool to enhance the websites of county businesses.

ADK has produced a video that showcases many of the most delightful scenes that Somerset has to offer, gliding from one exquisite photograph to the next, entertaining and relaxing those who take time out from their internet search to watch it. And you can be certain that potential customers will watch it – the music is the first catch and the professionally framed images are as addictive as chocolate.

For a one-off payment of £10, your logo, name and website address can be attached to the video, so that, as the music and the pictures fade to leave only a smile on the viewer’s face, your business details occupy the last screen he or she sees. By that time, your potential customer has lingered on your website for so long, you are almost in a relationship.

If your business relies on attracting people to Somerset, you can offer no greater or clearer attraction. Not only does this cleverly photographed and arranged sequence show the wonderful sights to be seen in each of the county districts, but it illustrates that Somerset has plenty going on –train rides and petting zoos, cricket and river-based fun, cycling, eating and drinking…

ADK Director, Andrew Knutt, says: “Born and bred in Taunton, my family and I often take weekend trips into the countryside or to the sea-side, where we always find lots to keep the children amused. And my wife and I get the relaxation we need after the hectic working week. I love my county and all it has to offer, so I created this video more for my pleasure than anything. However, it would be selfish to keep it from benefiting other people, especially those who aren’t lucky enough to have such riches on their doorstep. And who better to distribute the video than Somerset businesses, which also get to benefit. I mean, whether you run a B & B or sell Somerset grown and raised foods, linking your website to entertainment that includes movement and music can only be a good thing, can’t it?”

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