Friday January 26th Is Australia Day
7th January 2019
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Australia Day celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of the first British ships in New South Wales and the raising of the British flag by the then Governor of Australia Arthur Phillip as Britain enlarged the ‘Empire’ to include this far flung Colony. With the passage of time Australia is now a corner stone of the Commonwealth and has become a major part of the World community. Australia is a fabulously rich Country in terms of its economy, its democratic, sporting and cultural heritage and is much loved by the millions of Brits who visit to experience the unique lifestyle and experience the wonderful natural diversity. No doubt there will be many ‘Barbies’ across the Country on Australia Day and quite a few in the UK weather permitting.

Here in the UK there are Australia Day Celebrations too with a huge show at the Clapham Grand, London, this is a ticket affair so be quick, go online asap and place your order if you wish to be part of this event. This event includes:

Slap the Aussie with a Thong

Bogan Fashion Parade

Karaoke Battle of the Bands

Aussie Inspired Fancy Dress Award,

The 2019 Australia Day Shelia and Top Bloke Competition,

Nostalgic Tuck Shop with Fairy Bread, Tim Tams, Twisties etc

A selection of beers from Aus.

VB on arrival – Sizzle Brunch Party

Co2 and Confetti Cannons

Balloon Drop


Aussie Host and MC and DJ’s

Live Performers and Dancers

A selection of the Triple J Hottest 100


The National Australian Anthem at Midnight.

Not everyone who wishes to celebrate Australia Day will be able to attend the event in the Capital, however, that is no reason why this special day cannot be celebrated locally. Why not gather a few friends together, especially any Aussies who live close by a throw a Winter Barbie – wrap up well, who doesn’t love a party|?

This is also a superb opportunity to introduce our children to an event of cultural significance. Australia is inextricably linked to this Country of ours, very many Australians have family links to the UK. Helping children in Schools and young people’s organisations, Scouting and Guiding for example,can help development of their knowledge of the wider world.

Enjoy Australia Day

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