E-Newsletter: Staying Connected With Our Customers
21st May 2021
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E-Newsletters keep subscribers up to date with industry and company news, in a way that helps both parties stay connected with each other. E-Newsletters create a community feel to your business, which builds interest and trust with your customers. They give your business an opportunity to sum up their weekly news/achievements, while advertising your services and offers. Like Trustpilot reviews, the e-Newsletter is also another opportunity to promote and grow on social media, which we at Dexterous Designs, are particularly focused on at the moment 

At Dexterous Designs we send out a weekly e-Newsletter to subscribers, covering our industry/company news, achievements, offers, promotions, services and support. Again, just like Trustpilot reviews, our eNewsletter is another way to help us maintain a connection with our clients, and to simply keep our readers up to date with our progress. 

Check out our most recent e-Newsletter here, and then subscribe for free herewhere you just simply give us your name and email address, and you will receive company offers exclusive to being an e-Newsletter subscriber.   

Get in touch if you want our help setting up your own e-Newsletter, to maintain connection with your customers.   


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