Don't cut your marketing budget in a recession
21st December 2009
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I have just been reading an interesting article regarding small businesses. The article comments that one of the first things that businesses cut in difficult times is there marketing budget. Of course in order to survive difficult times a supply of new customers and leads is essential.

The internet it seems provides the most cost effective marketing opportunities available.

Michael Delpierre, President of Conversion Pipeline, stated "we were surprised to see a lack of internet strategies in their marketing mix. What most small business owners don't know is that internet marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, pay per click, email marketing and others, are typically cheaper to execute than traditional marketing strategies as well as yield a higher return on investment".

So rather than cutting your marketing budget the best advice is to analyse the most cost effective ways of reaching your target audience and perhaps reach more people with the same budget. For the rest of the article click here 

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