Did you know? 8th December is Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day,
22nd December 2018
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We have a choice of a natural tree grown expressly for the occasion or an artificial tree, some artificial trees now come with fairy lights built in so all one has to do is plug it in and ‘bobs your uncle’. After Christmas is over it can be put away until next year.

Natural Christmas Trees are still hugely popular, the scent of a fresh tree is very evocative and for many of us is one of the things that make Christmas special.

Amongst others Dobbies Garden Centres have acknowledged that Saturday 8th December is Take Your Christmas Trees Home Day. This marks the start of the Christmas period for many people as they use the weekend to bring home the tree and decorate their homes ready for the festivities. Statistically, the 8th December is the most popular day for buying the Christmas tree, and many localities will celebrate by having a ‘Big Switch On’ of Christmas lights around their Towns and Cities.

Butwhich Christmas Tree is best?

The trees that shed least needles are Nordmann Firs.Douglas Firs are also good at retaining the accursed needles in place.Other types of firs are available but be warned any tree that has been cut off at the roots is dying and may lose much of its freshness progressively as the days go by. Many of the trees cut for Christmas will already have been cut so by Christmas they may be as much as a month into their decline. Recommendation. Visit your local garden centre or other trusted supplier and ask for a Nordmann or Douglas Fir.

Size matters! Remember that the tree is a focal point in your home, should it be too large it will dominate the room and probably means that someone can’t see the telly for it or has to sit amid the greenery.

Small (ish) Christmas Trees with roots are available ready potted and they can be grown-on in the garden after Christmas but do remember that fir trees do become big trees and if planted too close to buildings can cause problems later on.

What to do with your Christmas Tree after the big day?

Recycle it. Most Councils in Britain will collect Christmas Trees free after the season is over, they mulch them and use them in composting. People who have a larger garden can use the discarded tree under a hedge where they will provide sanctuary for wild life, hedgehogs and garden birds will use them for cover.

National Take Your Christmas Tree Home Day is a splendid opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit, deck your halls with boughs of holly, hang the mistletoe strategically for best effect, and party.

The Best ofTaunton and Bridgwater supports National Take Your Christmas Tree Home Day.Please shop locally.


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