Confessions of an Exasperated Mum
14th July 2020
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My son is 14 and just keeps growing, he spends most of his waking hours talking into his PS4 headset to his pals (don’t worry, I have seen them all in ‘real life’), and doing his online school work.  He ventured down one day not long after lockdown started and I realised that he looked very different.  He had grown about another foot taller and his hair had grown long and unruly.  I asked him if he wanted me to cut it.  He said that he fancied a laugh so why not?  I whipped the clippers out of the cupboard at high speed should he change his mind and settled him into a chair in the kitchen.

I brushed his hair, sprayed it with water and set to the task with the clippers all the while thinking:  this is a breeze, I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I should be able to do this in a flash.

Well, reader, let me tell you, a 14-year-old boy does not sit still, and clippers are very unforgiving….

I did not breeze through it; I know now what all the fuss is about and the only thing flashy about his haircut was the sight of his forehead where his fringe once was!  I am very fortunate that my son is very easy going and he didn’t get too mad.  I placated him with bacon sandwiches, and he disappeared back to his room for about the next six weeks only coming out for food whilst wearing a hoodie.

I tell you all this because today I took him to see James the Barber at The Walk In for a ‘proper’ haircut.  I did warn James what horrors he was about to see, and he was wonderful.  Funny in just the right measure and joined my son in poking fun at my DIY job whilst repairing the damage.  He did say that I should ‘never try that again’ in a most forthright manner, but he has every right.  James trained to do what he does, for a long time.  He has practiced endlessly and is continuing to build his skills, attending new courses and even branching out into body piercing soon.

What I took for granted is a skill, a love for his job and a care for his client that far outweighs any fashion.  He will talk to you, find out what you like and create it for you, chatting and putting you at ease all the time.  Everything you need in a good barber.  During lockdown he wasn’t idle either, he and his partner Char took the time to completely redesign the salon and redecorate whilst it was closed.  The end result is a fresh new look and layout that really welcomes you in, we felt right at home.

James really knows his stuff.  Lockdown Lesson 1:  I am not a hairdresser.  Lockdown Lesson 2: Confess and take your chopped or hacked hair to a professional.  Ring James or the ladies Char, Sian and Tash at The Walk In as soon as possible. They will be delighted to see you, sort out your woes and send you out into the world again feeling fabulous.  Thank you, James, so much.  I promise I will throw away the clippers.

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