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1st October 2019
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In the UK alone, there are 45 million social media users currently active on one of the many platforms available to almost anyone nowadays. A survey from Digital Information World showed that, as of 2018, people from the age of 16 – 50 spend on average 1.5 – 3 hours on any form of social media every single day. These kinds of figures show that there is nowhere more influential than the internet in the modern world so surely now is the perfect time to embrace social media for your business?

Is it worth the effort?

The simple answer: yes. A survey showed the 92% of people will click a link they find in a tweet. Imagine if you posted a tweet within which you had posted a link to your website. Imagine that this tweet was circulated to every user of Twitter in the UK and all of these users clicked on your link. You would get 21 million visitors to your website. 21 million! So, it’s just logical that you should expand your business via social media.

Also, more than 50 million small businesses use Facebook to attain more clients. If your business is not part of this figure, you are already at a disadvantage. Let’s face it: people feed on what they read and see on social media because they spend so much time on it. Other businesses use this to their advantage by being at the top of their followers’ feeds regularly and stick in their follower’s minds. As a result, these businesses obtain the clients that those without social media will never come across. So, don’t miss out and make some accounts.

Is your business improving due to social media?

If your business already has a social media account, do you feel it’s paying off? Social Media can be an incredible tool if used correctly. Make sure you build up your relationships with potential clients because you never know when they’ll be asking for your services. Ensure your business is out there connecting with people so that when people go scouring the internet for services, you’re on the top of their list.

Another tip may be to try keeping your connections with your previous clients by promoting their brand as well as yours. By doing this, it shows your followers you have a large portfolio of experience which may inspire new clients to join you as well.

For more information on how to develop your business through a social media account, check out our social media advice via our website.


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