Are you looking after your feathered friends this winter?
25th January 2013
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Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre is offering people free advice on what to feed wild birds throughout the winter to improve their survival rates during potentially harsh conditions.

Norma Moore, General Manager at the award-winning, independent family-run garden centre, which is located at Monkton Heathfield between Bridgwater and Taunton, explained: “It’s really important that wild birds are fed during the colder months of the year to ensure they survive. “Garden birds eat pests and keep the population of insects down, so it is crucial to look after our feathered friends to keep plants protected from these unwanted bugs. “Food and water need to be put out on a regular basis and in severe weather it’s a good idea to feed birds twice a day. “Birds require high energy, high fat foods during the cold winter weather to maintain their fat reserves so they can survive frosty nights.”

Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre, which was awarded the Albert Goodman Family Business Award at the Somerset Business Awards in 2012, stocks one of the largest ranges of wild bird care food products and foods in the South West.

This includes a large selection of specialist varieties for different birds such as blue tits, blackbirds, great tits and robins. For further details, please go along to Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre, which is located just off the A38 at Monkton Heathfield, call 01823 412381

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