5 benefits of having a porch installed in your home!
19th April 2016
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Outdoor living is not only happy living but can provide a wholly versatile home improvement. Whether you choose to have a canopy fitted perhaps on the side of your home to act as a carport or have one fitted to use as a contemporary patio enclosure, both are ideal and beautiful! A porch on the other hand can provide a stunning entranceway to your home.

Benefits of both include:

  • High performance and low maintenance uPVC and glazing – Both a canopy and a porch provide extra natural light into the home and will only ever need washing down.
  • Creates extra shaded space outside your home – A canopy is often used as a carport or can be used to provide shade over a patio area in your garden.
  • 10 year insurance backed guarantee from Taunton Windows – This means if you ever come across a problem with either your canopy or porch, you will be entitled to a fix.
  • Fully customisable – This means you can have exactly what you want! The design is up to you and Taunton Windows will be able to fit it for you.
  • Reinforced aluminium poles for strong structure – The canopy or porch will be strong for you!

If you are thinking of adding a canopy or porch to your home, be sure to contact Taunton Windows for their expert advice! 

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