40 Commando's Homecoming Celebrations
7th May 2013
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The imminent Homecoming celebrations for 40 Commando Royal Marines mark a momentous occasion. Not only will this be time to honour the final deployment of a Royal Marine Unit on combat operations in Afghanistan, but also an important ‘first’ for leading charities who support the wider Royal Marine Corps. Joining together to support the event are three notable organisations:

The Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC), The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF) and Go Commando (GC). The RNRMC are the parent holding charity for the many varied charitable organisations who sit under the umbrella of the family tree. All of these charities have a different remit and mission statement, some stand alone in their day to day operations, some are assisted and guided by the RNRMC but they all have one common aim - to provide financial support and services to all Naval Service Personnel, whether members of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines Corps and their families.

The RMCTF charity is part of the RNRMC Group and are the backbone of the charities who raise funds in order to support the entirety of the Royal Marines Family. They have a powerful mission statement to provide assistance through The Recovery Pathway - helping the wounded and injured and particularly those who are making the adaptation into civilian life. The Quality of Life Pathway – helping those who are still serving and facing successive tours in high threat environments by providing adventure training on return from operational duties, funding homecoming events, family days and memorials.

The Through Life Pathway - continuing the same level of support and care once the formal link is broken on leaving full time service. Go Commando are based in Taunton, the home town of 40 Commando Royal Marines. The charity was initially founded to provide support to dependants of those serving with the local unit. They have done great work to support families with emphasis on childcare facilities and going forward, are now working on projects in conjunction with the RMCTF.

The official Go Commando calendar is something quite unique which is now a firmly established annual fundraising campaign, generating a whopping £120k for the 2013 edition. All three charities are extremely proud to come together in complete unison to support the event and will be situated at Norton Manor camp to join in the celebrations with the families. A spokesperson for all three charities commented “This is such an amazing opportunity for us to come together with the families to welcome the lads back from Afghanistan and for the final time. It also shows the families that we are behind them all 100% and continue to be for the future which is extremely important.

The Royal Marines have a unique and strong family bonding. The sense of *‘esprit de corps’ grows with each and every serving Royal Marine and stays with them for life. Therefore we as their Corps charitable group are proud to be involved in the Homecoming celebrations. That said, we must remember that whilst this is a time for rejoicing and celebration, we will not forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Their loved ones will always be a part of the Royal Marines Family and we are committed to supporting them into the future.”

‘Welcome home Royal, a job well done, enjoy your day’.

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