Time to reconsider contact lenses?
1st June 2015
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Have you ever wondered about wearing contact lenses but thought that your eyes weren’t suitable? It is now easier and more comfortable to wear contact lenses than ever before.

Recent developments in contact lens technology can provide you with a great choice of lenses to suit you, your visual requirements and your lifestyle needs.

Some lenses are just worn once and then thrown away, eliminating the need for contact lens solutions. 

Those that require regular cleaning can be maintained with just a single bottle of solution, which is much more convenient than it used to be. 

Specialist contact lens practices are able to fit and supply almost anyone with contact lenses, regardless of prescription.

There are lenses to correct astigmatism and progressive lenses that are similar to varifocal spectacle lenses.

Contact lenses offer fantastic freedom when you want to be out and about enjoying a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.  The latest contact lenses provide excellent comfort and eye health by letting a higher percentage of oxygen through to the eye – and daily disposables are ideal for taking on holiday.

In the past some wearers have found that their eyes were too dry to comfortably wear contact lenses but the latest lenses now incorporate moisturising systems that reduce dryness symptoms and increase the comfort so more people can wear contact lenses for longer than ever before.

There are also different formulations of lubricating eyedrops now available that are compatible with contact lens wear.

It is however important to always follow the advice of your registered contact lens practitioner and regular aftercare appointments are essential for maintaining the health of your eyes and comfort of your lenses.

At these, your optician will be able to provide reliable aftercare advice and can help if you have any questions about your lenses. 



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