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17th June 2015
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Last week was my birthday and my husband bought me a FitBit; a wrist gadget that tracks steps, activity, sleep patterns, calories burnt and syncs with a special app on your smartphone. The perfect present for a gadget loving girl like myself.

It got me thinking about my fitness. I am quite active; I run, I’m always walking around Sudbury or the villages with my thebestof Sudbury hat on, but there’s so much more I could be doing.

So, I’ve decided to set myself a summer challenge - to try out as many new ways to keep fit, as I can, in and around Sudbury or Hadleigh. We are so lucky to have some many sport clubs in our area; Running clubs, cycling clubs, karate, pole dancing, tap dancing.. There is something to suit everyone and I want to give your club or hobby a bit of a shout out.

There’s no time like present, so I started this challenge on Tuesday night and took part in a beginner hula hoop taster session at Fight For Life Fitness Zone (formally Mwah gym) on the Chilton Industrial Estate, Sudbury.

The class was run by Hula hooping Queen, Erin Cunningham,  part of FireFlow, a group of talented fire performers, who specialise in circus skills, dance, gymnastics and martial arts

Bearing in mind, the last time I successfully hula hooped I was probably about 8 years old, the class was always going to be a bit of a challenge. I’m also (and I’m not being self-depreciating here) a little uncoordinated and not particularly graceful. However, Erin and her Hula assistant Shelley, couldn’t have been more patient or lovely. We learnt 5 hula hoop moves; Waist Hooping, Lasso, Forward Weaves, Hand Rolls & One Handed Isolation.  I struggled with just doing the hula around the waist move, but got there eventually (the larger and heavier the hoop, the easier it is to hula) To successfully hula, you must stand tall, tummy in, knees slightly bent and to make sure your hoop is not wonky. With practice, the muscle memory will enable you to do extra moves, walk around, read a book, watch TV.. it all sounds so easy. It’s not, but what it is, is great fun and apparently a great way to burn calories AND loose inches off your waist.

If you’re interested in Erin’s courses, her website is here. Fireflow also meet down on Friars Meadow every Friday. Everyone is welcome to watch or participate. So folks, what are you waiting for, grab your hula hoop and let’s go!

And remember, if you have a favourite activity you’d like me to have a go at, just let me know…

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