Is getting your spelling and grammar right important?
12th January 2015
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Obviously not everyone is good at everything. I’m not. However I do believe that people do try to create a good impression of themselves, particularly in the world of work. That’s why we try to dress appropriately for the kind of work we do. I don’t mean everyone should put on a £500 suit to go and be a painter and decorator or be a mechanic but when going to quote for a piece of work most of us like to appear clean, tidy and organised. Would you employ a mechanic who arrived a vehicle blowing smoke with the brake lights not working?

It is for that reason that most of us produce quotes and adverts that look good, don’t we? Again would you give work to someone who gave you a written quote of a piece of screwed up dirty paper?

So why do we set such store by looking correctly dressed and professional? Because it shows everyone that you will pay attention to detail in all the tasks you undertake. Paying attention to what you write, whether on paper or in emails, shows that. But it is important that what you write is correct for another reason. You want to be understood. Grammar and spelling have been standardized for a reason……because it makes it easier to understand what the words mean and what you are committing to when you sign something. That is why spell checkers don’t always do the job completely.

Doe ewe no watt eye mean?

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