Brewing up a storm - Penny headed back to the brewery to help create a beer for LeeStock
30th April 2024
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Last Friday, I headed back to Nethergate Brewery for our sixth brewing session, and together, we whipped up a whopping 4300 pints of our latest creation. Our beer? It's a light-coloured, hoppy gem, packing a respectable 4.1% ABV and boasting the vibrant flavours of American hops, including Idaho7, Simcoe, and the less-than-glamorously named HEC472.

Our brewing process kicks off with mashing in, using a light malt mill to get things started. After about an hour, the liquid has transformed into a sweet, warm wort—the heart of our beer before it becomes the drink we know and love. From there, it's off to the copper, where it boils, and we add in hops and finings to give it that extra kick. Once the boil's done, we toss in some more hops, cool it down, and send it off to the fermenter. After adding yeast, it sits for about a week, turning into the beer we're all waiting for.

But here's the thing—we need a name for our creation, and that's where you come in.

What do you think it should be called. Over the years, the good people of Sudbury have chosen the name Golden Willow, LeeStock and 2 Amber Barrells, LeeStocked and last year,  Postillionage - the name of Lee Dunford’s band at Sixth Form. 

 Send your suggestions to Penny here by Thursday 2nd May at 5pm. If we pick your name, you'll score two tickets to LeeStock. Don't forget to include your phone number so we can give you a call if you're the lucky winner.

This May 26th and 27th, at Kentwell Hall in Long Melford, our beer will be front and centre at LeeStock, joining the ranks of headliners including The Coral, Badly Drawn Boy, Echobelly, and Lemar, alongside some fantastic local talent.

Let's put Sudbury on the map with our brew and give it a name to match. Join us in celebrating community and creativity at LeeStock! Cheers!

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