£50 off Trade-in Specs Offer at Wardale Williams Opticians... but where do your specs go?
27th September 2016
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This Autumn, Wardale Williams, Opticians in Sudbury, are offering you £50 off your new glasses when you trade in your old pair.

But what happens to them once you hand them to Amanda and the team?

Firstly, all the glasses are collected around the UK by the Lions Clubs, opticians and other organisations, end up in Colchester. They are then sorted by the Lions volunteers, ready to be shipped overseas.

Those glasses suitable for reuse are sent to Medico France, in Le Havres.  Here are they sorted and graded further. Volunteers who help with Unite For Sight programmes around the world, take the donated glasses to countries such as Ghana, Papua, New Guinea, Nigeria and Nepal.

Medical professionals carry out eye exams, treatments and even surgery for people who haven't had the benefit of eye care before, delivering glasses to those who need it most.

Last year, Medico Franco, delivered a staggering 300,000 pairs to donated glasses.

All the remaining glasses, unsuitable for onward travel to a new owner, are recycled and the money raised contributes to funding the project in other ways.

So, if you're looking to upgrade your spectacles this Autumn, not only will you get £50 off your new pair, you'll be helping someone with the gift of better sight. 

Click here for more details. Offer ends November 30th 2016

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