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The Scourge of Vermin Needs More Than a Pussy Cat

No one ever likes unwelcome visitors, especially ones with wings and long tails. The threat of vermin remains as great as ever and needs the best professional help in many cases.

Get on your bikes and ride!

Life is often about the simple pleasures. One that is frequently verlooked in these technological times is cycling, an activity that still provides so many benefits worth investigating.

Astro Turf & Sport Old Sils has it all!

It's been part of the fabric of Solihull for centuries, but here in the 21st century Old Silhilians shows it is more relevant than ever for all the people of the town and far beyond.

Don't get hot under the collar as we see the sun again

At last a normal summer again with threats of water shortages, but as the mercury rises it's time to keep cool.

England's woe shows importance of language skills

Whilst the English bemoan the debacle of the World Cup, there is an overlooked excuse which former sports journalist Mike Nolan has picked up on.

Domestic happiness is not having to pick up a mop

We live in an age where everyone has a to do list as long as their arm. There is one simple solution that can save a huge amount of stress for the overworked professional woman, which most of us should be doing.

It's time to make sweet music

Learning a musical instrument remains as one of most people's ambitions and here in Solihull we have just the place to make those dreams come true.

Pesticides or not ? I know where my loyalties lie

The debate continues about the benefits of organic food, but in the absence of scientific proof maybe a good old commonsense approach is needed.

It's time to think of the great outdoors

The hard winter looks to be behind us and it really is now time to turn our attentions to the garden.

Survey shows dieting can mend your heart!

A survey of scientists has shown that damage to your heart's arteries can be reversed thereby offering us all an incentive to lead a healthier lifestyle.