Survey shows dieting can mend your heart!
2nd March 2010
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Now I had always considered myself one of the lucky ones when it comes to weight.

I really never thought I could ever put it on and as annoying at this may sound to some of you, I actually used to worry about how thin I was – especially in my late teens. It seemed no matter what I ate I couldn’t put on a pound.

However, that was over 20 years ago, and when I had a new patient medical at my doctors in early January showing that I was just about in the overweight category I was equally horrified and amazed that this could happen to bony old me.

Fortunately, it was merely the festive excesses that had pushed my 6ft 1 frame near the 14st mark and normal, relatively healthy, eating has now shed half a stone and I’m in the safe category again.

But the reason I am advising my vital statistics is hearing tonight that weight-loss diets can reverse life-threatening artery damage in obese individuals, a brand new study in Israel has shown.

Low-carbohydrate "Atkins"-style diets, low fat and Mediterranean diets were equally effective, scientists found.

Tests showed that patients who went on the diets, lost moderate amounts of weight and lowered their blood pressure, developed healthier arteries.

The findings linked sustained moderate weight loss with a reversal of artery damage.

All were randomly assigned to a low-carbohydrate, low-fat or Mediterranean diet and monitored for two years while they listed what they ate in food diaries.

I think that’s great news. It shows how we all can recover despite our excesses and our body clocks are willing to forgive us.

Whilst tales of my physique are not those from a fitness guru, but a normal chap with decent will power and kind genetics, I know many people struggle with weight. It's no surprise in a more sedantary world than we used to live in coupled with a fast food culture. As most of you will know it is a big problem as you can’t help but have noticed if you have looked around, as well as listening to the reports in recent years.

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