Domestic happiness is not having to pick up a mop
23rd June 2010
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I recently bought my wife one of the finest presents a man can buy his good lady. It wasn’t a ring, or a car, or a weekend in Paris. It was a cleaner.


Now before you liberated ladies spew bile at me for such a sexist remark, these are her words, not mine!


And this is considering I’m quite a hands-on hubby, who does a good share of the household chores.  I do the vast majority of the cooking, I’m not afraid to pick up the iron either, and, although it’s to a lesser degree, there has been glimpses of me cavorting around the house with a vacuum cleaner.


But the truth is even in households, which have evolved a long way since the 1950s, the plain truth, as proven in many studies, is it’s the ladies who tend to get the rougher deal when it comes to housework, even in these days of many women working full time.


Our cleaner now comes to us weekly and in those two hours can get through an impressive array of housework, utilising the vacuum cleaner, mop and Mr Sheen to maximum productivity, at a rate that my wife admits she could not do.


Indeed at times it is hard to believe only hours earlier two small child creatures were wreaking havoc on a grand scale in those very rooms.


There’s no doubt that in the few weeks since our cleaner arrived, my wife has been transformed. The pressures of being a professional working mother are still there, but trying to stop the home looking like she’s lost all control is no longer a factor.


This brings me nicely onto The Crease Line, a great local family run business that is reclaiming the lives of many damsels under duress. Reliable, competitive and with heaps of glowing testimonials they have all the tools to turn your pit into a palace.


And finally If me waxing lyrical about the benefits of having a cleaner have not convinced you, bear this in mind.


My wife now has more time to concentrate on other matters, or even find a little relaxation.


We live in an era where the newest form of poverty is time poverty, and this relatively small outlay frees up time and helps with our sanity. It’s a price worth paying.

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