Pesticides or not ? I know where my loyalties lie
8th March 2010
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Organic food.  Is it better for you than non-organic?  That is a debate that has been raging in recent years as the popularity for non-sprayed crops and foods lacking in e numbers have become the latest vogue.


However, the recession has had a savage effect on the organic industry. With less money to throw around many people have adopted a back to basics approach with organic food seen as a luxury item.


With a study in the Times last year putting a further boot into the organic lobby by stating there was no proof that organic was more nutritional, it really hasn’t helped the organic industry.


However, despite taking a recent kicking, the organic industry is far from down on its feet. If there was no demand why do we still see so much organic produce on sale in our supermarkets?  Maybe, because many consumers feel scientists don’t have all the answers?



I admit I’m very much pro-organic, but I like to think there is method in what some may call my madness.  Without having to do in-depth research it comes down to a simple common-sense conclusion to me. After all what is better crops sprayed with a load of chemicals or crops that are grown the way nature intended them before post war intensive farming changed the way we eat so dramatically?



My non-scientific mind also thinks that the additives that are commonplace in our foods and drinks cause many cancers.



The problem I have with science is it needs proof. That’s not always easy. After all, what can really prove what has caused a cancer?  We all know the tale of the 60 a day smoker who lived to 90 and the health freak struck down at half that age. Lifestyle or genetics?  There is no set rule.

So my hunch is for plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and preferably locally sourced seasonal produce.



This brings me neatly to Boxfresh Organics, who for like-minded individuals deliver fresh seasonal produce to homes in our area.  As well as fruit and veg that tastes how it used to and great service there is a nobler reason for supporting this great midlands supplier. In an age of increasing power of the big supermarkets and their stranglehold over farmers,  Boxfresh fights back, helping the small farmer and providing the consumer an ethical alternative.  Speak to Duncan Niblett at Boxfresh Organics who is your local supplier



So, in a time of less spending power there has to be cut backs, but this shouldn’t be one of them.  After all by supporting Boxfresh Organics you are helping our country’s most important industry as well as eating tastier food. We don’t need boffins in labs to validate that.


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