England's woe shows importance of language skills
28th June 2010
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Watching boss Fabio Capello floundering under media scrutiny moments after England’s diabolical World Cup came to a crashing end, one of the seeds of England’s failure was exposed in his hapless attempts to explain away the 4 1 hiding by Germany.

It was nothing that the ex pros had said about amateurish defending, the inability of millionaire superstars to play as a team for their country, or even Wayne Rooney’s woeful loss of form when it was needed most.

It was simply, in the words of an old Spandau Ballet record ‘Communication let me down.’

In this case it was the Italian coach’s communication, or to be precise verbal skills. OK, since internationalisation overtook the strongest domestic leagues in the world, it can be complicated for a manager to get across his message to sometimes ten different nationalities.

However, is it a coincidence that Wenger and Mourinho with impeccable English are the most successful foreign managers?
For Capello trying to get his message across to a bunch of English lads can only be hindered when only a few Latin shrugs and gesticulating is all he has in his armoury to transmit his thoughts through to the team.

I’d like to point out this is no xenophbia and his mastery of English, for someone who couldn’t speak it a couple of years ago is laudable. However, learning languages is difficult and the earlier the better.

That is why young kids take to foreign languages so much easier than adults and at this point it’s worth talking about Fun French for Kids, really helping youngsters master the lingo of our near neighbours in a playful way that’s easy for them.
Languages are important and in England we are lazier than most because of the popularity of our mother tongue. However, teaching new languages can open a rich door of opportunity and that is why Fun French for Kids is so sorely needed.

However that doesn't take away me moaning about the footie as we now go on about 44 years of hurt.

And regardless of the excuses of injuries to key players, refs not spotting clear goals, and weariness after a long season, I still reckon when the manager can’t say what he wants to did we ever stand a chance?


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