It's time to make sweet music
15th June 2010
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It’s a sign of getting older, but just how many people do you know list learning to play a musical instrument as one of their hobbies?


It’s probably a good few for it’s long been noted that this particular pastime is proven to help take away the stresses and strains of modern day living.


As well as being soothing, it has to be one of the most gratifying pastimes as well. After all while we admire the fisherman who sits patiently at the riverbank to catch a prize salmon, it pales into insignificance when a piece of music to move the soul is carefully crafted on a violin.


Perhaps I’m wrong, before I get abuse off fishermen, and I must admit I’m one of those folks looking to learn music when I get the chance.


My personal instrument of choice will be the piano – a great instrument and a nice bit of furniture too.


However, like many the piano lessons still seem some distance away.  I guess my excuse, like many is I’m just too busy at the moment – but with 2 young children and running a business I don’t feel too guilty about shelving my dreams at the moment.


But it’s fair to say there are many who have a bit of time on their hands and for them I’m banging the drum for Dorridge Music School - I had to get a pun in somewhere!


As well as my instrument of choice there is the violin, flute and guitar and many more besides.


It offers 22 teachers and is a London College of Music Exam centre, but also caters for youngsters just wishing to acquaint themselves with making music.


And showing what an integral part it is to the Solihull community it has an annual showcase at the Library Theatre showing what’s been achieved.


With such a reputation I know that if I’m still living around this neck of the woods when I finally decide to tinkle the ivories, that’s where I’ll be heading.


So those of you at a more leisurely time in your life, take the chance to finally make sweet music. You won’t be disappointed.    

Dorridge Music School have a great offer click here for details.

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