Get on your bikes and ride!
28th July 2010
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Often we don’t appreciate what we have around us.

That is true in life and in Solihull it’s no different, but being an outsider it’s easier to point out to those born and bred around these parts some of the great aspects to living in and around this town.

And at this time of the year the one factor that really lured me to living around here comes to the fore. That is the countryside.

Being born and bred just off the Hagley Road, I was right in the heart of Brum life, where a cow or a horse were almost mythical creatures that I seldom chanced upon.

However with greenery galore throughout our leafy borough the clopping of hooves, and wide-open expanses of farmland are commonplace. It’s something that I cherish.

So with this on my mind, in the words of Norman Tebbit ‘Get on your bike.’ However, in this case it’s leisure in mind, rather than work.

Whether it be the canals along Lapworth, Earlswood Lakes or a gentle cycle out through Knowle taking in country pubs on the way there is no finer way to enjoy what Mother Nature and Victorian engineers has given us here.

It’s great fun, excellent exercise and at a time when the children are on holiday, it is far better than having them sat in front of the TV complaining that they are bored.

However, there is far more to cycling than many may think, getting exactly the right machine for your needs is very important, and we have here in Solihull just the answer in Red Kite Cycles.

As a friendly family run business they can educate you on the right nutrition for you, as well as correct clothing, and give you a heap of other advice aside to make your introduction or reintroduction to bikes as pleasant as possible.

Compared to many past times cycling is still a cheap option, incredibly healthy, and safer than many might think.

With the long school holiday still a fair distance to go and the weather thankfully resembling an old British summer again, it’s probably never been a better time to go to Red Kite Cycles finding out more and then discovering just how grateful you should be to live in such a wonderful area.

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