It's time to think of the great outdoors
5th March 2010
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Dare I say it, but it’s beginning to feel almost spring like!


I don’t think I’m unusual in being glad to see the back of January and February. Especially after the tough winter, which incidentally for those who like statistics was the worst one in England since 1978.


However, we have now seen the re-emergence of bright sunshine and blue skies and with the days getting longer matters naturally turn to the garden.


The garden is big business these days, with such a focus on home entertaining. One only has to visit the local garden centres to see all the selection there to tempt us.


And with matters turning to the back of the house yours truly has now been tasked with a bit of a tidy up.


Not been the most green fingered I can hardly say I’m looking forward to the project, but like many I do feel my garden needs a bit of a spruce up.


Thankfully having had 3 trees removed and a new patio built last year, it should be a more green and pleasant land for my clan.


However, I have noticed, and it’s a good sign of the economy picking up too, that there are plenty of patios being built around my way.


It seems that we all are thinking of those short-sleeved days, hopefully not too far away.


It’s great that thebestofSolihull has so many garden experts to help those making improvements.


At this point it’s worth mentioning CBL Drives and Patios, a very successful local company who come with heaps of recommendations, an essential in work of this scale.


If you need trees removed then Andrew Watkins Tree Surgery is a trusted tree surgeon. Trust me in saying it’s not a job you should try on your own.


So there is plenty of help for you in achieving the garden of the dreams so get on with it.  After all the clocks go forward at the end of the week!.

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