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As Hollywood beauty comes to our High Streets and with 60-year-olds wanting to look 20 again is there really any harm in doing all you can to win the war against time?
With 25 fabulous years teaching music in Dorridge under their belt, Dorridge Music School has re-located to Knowle.
We are fatter than ever, but most of us want to lose it. With the diet industry worth multimillions we look at the sensible solutions for those serious about their health.
A new survey shows the under 35s as being incompetent at DIY, but does it really matter?
No one ever likes unwelcome visitors, especially ones with wings and long tails. The threat of vermin remains as great as ever and needs the best professional help in many cases.
Life is often about the simple pleasures. One that is frequently verlooked in these technological times is cycling, an activity that still provides so many benefits worth investigating.
It's been part of the fabric of Solihull for centuries, but here in the 21st century Old Silhilians shows it is more relevant than ever for all the people of the town and far beyond.
Whilst the English bemoan the debacle of the World Cup, there is an overlooked excuse which former sports journalist Mike Nolan has picked up on.
We live in an age where everyone has a to do list as long as their arm. There is one simple solution that can save a huge amount of stress for the overworked professional woman, which most of us should be doing.
Knowle and Dorridge Lions are inviting everyone to join them for a great fundraising day out at Packwood House in Solihull on Sunday 11th July sponsored by Bannatyne’s Health Club.
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