There's not a fat lot of good in saying you can't lose weight
31st August 2010
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September 2010 marked a particular landmark in my life. One that many of you will relate to, but one until now I’ve had the good fortune to avoid.

For this month is the first time in my 45 years on this planet where I am dieting.

Worried in my 20s that I was just too skinny, this development almost beggars belief for me.

According to all the weight graphs I’m still in a correct zone for my height, but despite that I’ve lived in this 6ft 1in frame long enough to know I’m just a shade wobblier around the gut than I’d like to be and have set a target of losing half a stone during the month.

I have the added help of my wife who also feels she is exactly half a stone overweight as well. Whoever reaches the target first gets £100 off the other to spend as they will.  It’s a decent incentive.

Also, we have agreed that as the weight loss is moderate there is no need for silliness, with us keeping to eating meals, with snacks being eliminated and our exercise regime upped.

This course of action and friendly rivalry is all to do with nipping in the bud what could become a problem.  I know many a friend who has continual battles with the bulge and I’m not going to get on my high horse. Some need more help than others. For some willpower is not enough.  However, with the link between weight and illnesses well-documented it is a problem that many people need to remedy.

There are many ways to crack this nut properly – exercise more, join a health club, walk more. However, if it was so easy dieting wouldn’t be the multimillion pound industry it is today.

For those who are a lot further along the weight problem road than I am more help is needed. And if you are serious you need professional help and should be prepared to invest money in your health.

thebestof Solihull  has some of the solutions.  If it’s just getting a bit more exercise there are great health clubs, with all the modern equipment you need such as Bannatynes Sports Centre.

However, if you need an extra bit of encouragement and knowledge  and MK Personal Training can give you that education on nutrition as well as the incentives and regime.

Another option is personal coaching.  Maybe it’s a psychological problem such as bad habits or low self-esteem. Get Coached is a friendly and encouraging coaching organisation designed to help build a new you.

So there’s no excuse. It’s good to know there are so many options to help.

Anyhow, enough of this sitting around malarkey, I’m off for a swim. I’ve got a £100 to win.



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