Feeling good on the inside might need help on the outside
8th September 2010
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I’ve never worried too much about father time marching on.

As a chap quite comfortable in my skin, I accept the greying hair as going with the territory of 40 plus years on planet Earth.

However, I can’t help but feel I’m in a minority, which is getting smaller.

With David Beckham championing male grooming products, Cliff Richard admitting to botox injections and talk of cosmetic surgery as commonplace in downtown Dorridge as downtown LA, it’s clear today’s beauty industry is big business regardless of gender.

Infact, it is estimated to be worth $19bn worldwide each year and it’s hardly surprising. After all, on the whole, whether you like it or not, the first thing anyone will judge you on is your appearance.

This brings me to the reason this hot top has arisen. One of our friend’s, also in her 40s turned up at our home at the weekend, looking the best I’ve seen her since Bros last had a single.

After little probing she admitted to having some cosmetic procedures to alleviate the wear and tear around the eyes that 4 children have given her.

The lift it had given her spirits was also remarkable, with her appearing full of energy and panache.

Her bubbly visitation has also probably changed my views on the cosmetic industry quite considerably.

I’ve never been a fan of what I see as excess vanity, but maybe I’ve mellowed and now wonder what really is the harm in looking as good as you possibly can provided you aren’t mutton dressed as lamb?

With this in mind it’s gratifying to know that all the state of the art treatments are available here in Solihull now. We have Balsall Common Dental Practice able to give you a Hollywood smile, whilst Skin Deep Rejuvenation Therapies  have the lotions, potions and therapies to return your face to a time long gone.

If you want to feel great then maybe you have to look great. It could be money well spent.

So ladies, and dare I say it, gents too, go on and pamper yourself if it helps, but for the time being yours truly will stick to the razor and roll on deodorant, until I too yearn the elixir of youth.



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