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Make the most of our local area and enjoy the 'Great British Outdoors' at one of our most recommended Parks...
Learning the tricks of the hairdressing trade couldn’t be more perfect for Solihull College apprentice Charlotte
With 25 fabulous years teaching music in Dorridge under their belt, Dorridge Music School has re-located to Knowle.
We are fatter than ever, but most of us want to lose it. With the diet industry worth multimillions we look at the sensible solutions for those serious about their health.
It's been part of the fabric of Solihull for centuries, but here in the 21st century Old Silhilians shows it is more relevant than ever for all the people of the town and far beyond.
Learning a musical instrument remains as one of most people's ambitions and here in Solihull we have just the place to make those dreams come true.
Despite money not being so plentiful we are still in love with foreign travel and a new survey shows the favourite destinations.
The January sales may be gone but in Solihull the hobby of shopping is still number one.
Italian and Indian food have come out tops in a national survey of eating, but British cuisine also makes an impact. Delia Smith has more to do with this than you think.
There may still be a recession, but you would never know it to look at Solihull this week and with Christmas almost upon us it's time to get out and see what Solihull has to offer.
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