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The Shropshire recruiters that are taking a different approach

What makes them so different?

Team4you aren’t in the business to send you 20 CVs and take a big commission when you hire someone. On the contrary, Team4you put all of their effort into learning about your business and then finding the people who would be a perfect fit. Put simply: their talent managers aren’t salespeople. They’re there to get the job done properly.

Unlike any other recruitment business, they also don’t demand exclusivity from you. Team4you believe that if they’re good enough, then they will naturally be your preferred supplier. If they’re not what you expected, they don’t demand that you stick around. Team4you are confident that they will deliver the results that will make you want to work with them.

On top of that, being an ethical and environmentally friendly company is their top priority. Team4you understand that working with innovative technology is extremely important (that’s why it’s at the forefront of everything they do), but they also put a big emphasis on being a sustainable business.


The new CV’s

It has become standard for recruiters to send over 20 CV’s for businesses to sieve through when they’re trying to hire a new employee, but Team4you decided that was simply not good enough.

Team4you will whittle down the applicants to a much more manageable number for you (approximately three for each role) but accompanying each CV will also be:

- A video presentation where each candidate will answer your interview questions

- A write up on why each candidate is suitable (following one to one interviews)

- A score against measures designed by Team4you and your business

- Technical testing results


Not in it for the commission

So, after you’ve been provided with the most in-depth analysis of candidates that you could ask for, you’re probably wondering how big the dent in your wallet must be…

Well actually, thus far you won’t have paid a single penny.

A business will only be charged if and when a candidate starts work. But what’s even better is that Team4you give everyone a 6-month guarantee. What that means is, you only pay at the end of each month that the candidate remains with your business – if they leave, you won’t be charged that month.

To find out more about Team4you, or to get in contact with them, you can visit their website:

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