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Nexus Electrics Ltd are a Shropshire electrical contractor that specialises in helping businesses with all of their electrical needs. From security and wiring to appliance testing and EVC, Nexus are contractors that you can trust.

Nexus Electrics could help you save £14,000 AND reduce your business’ carbon footprint.  From security and wiring, to appliance testing and EVC, Nexus are contractors that you can trust in the workplace.

What does EVC mean?

EVC is short for electrical vehicle charging. Nowadays, more consumers are switching from petrol and diesel cars to electric ones – they’re better for the environment and just as easy to run and maintain.

If your business provides drivers with a place to refuel, or if you change your company vehicles from old-fashioned diesel and petrol cars into forward-thinking electrical ones, it’s guaranteed that you will reap the benefits of becoming an eco-friendly company.

Why are people turning to electric cars?

A couple of years ago it all sounded a bit futuristic, but now, electric cars are becoming more and more common.

Consumers are more mindful about saving our planet, becoming more sustainable and reducing their carbon footprints – and rightfully so!

It’s no surprise to see that electric vehicle sales are shooting through the roof as more and more models make their way onto the market.


What does that mean for you?

One of the most popular old-age complaints about electric vehicles is the need to charge them up.

What if you run out of charge on the go? How far will you be able to travel on a single battery? As technology advances those fears are starting to disappear, but if your business can get ahead of the curve and be at the forefront of the switch to electric cars, you’ll be putting your company in a great position.

Consumers are now actively choosing to work with businesses that align with their personal values. By providing a place for drivers to stop off and charge up their vehicles, not only will you prove to customers that you’re a carbon-conscious company, but you’ll be dramatically increasing the footfall that your business receives as people park up and charge up.

There are also pros when it comes to switching your company fleet from petrol or diesel cars to electric ones…

The government have introduced huge incentives for businesses that switch to electric vehicles and provide charging points for customers. If you make the switch, you could receive up to £14,000 in government grants!


If you’d like to find out even more about how switching to electric vehicles can save you money in the workplace, download our FREE PDF here