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I am eager to leave a review for HillSide Nursery Hook-a-gate. My son had attended this nursery for almost 2 years. Prior to this one , he had been to 2 other nurseries where he didn't settle. My son had been with me only until he was almost 3 so he was clingy but he settled straight away at hillside. My son is also very loving and needed the cuddles and comfort which was exactly what he had so they really do consider each individual childs needs. The care and input from the staff at hillside has been overwhelming. I am usually a worrier but I never left dropping him off worrying. They think above and beyond to exceed the quality and uniqueness in activities. A beautiful setting and the best staff I could hope for. I say to people , this nursery if fit for princes and princesses, so I felt privileged my son received the very best care and education. I cried when he finished his last day. It really does have a homely feel to it which I think is why Reuben took to the nursery so well. 11/10!
All three of my children have attended Hillside family run nursery over the last 10 years. Our youngest has just left and we are really sad to be leaving our hillside days behind. They have all attended from a very young age and we would not change anything about the care that they have received. The staff are all kind, caring, fair, fun and consistent. Th pre-school has prepared them brilliantly for reception even starting to do some reading with them. The facilities are outstanding, particularly the outside space ne nearby farm. The food is all home cooked on site and my children still talk about which were their favourite nursery meals. Hillside even accommodated my request to use cloth nappies for two of my children. A truly amazing nursery which we are lucky to have benefitted from.
Both of our children have attended Hillside since they were just a few months old, I cannot recommend the nursery high enough. An amazing environment for children to learn and grow with lovely, warm and caring staff. Both children have loved their time at Hillside and loved all the extra activities. The one on one time they get in Preschool is a huge help for preparing for school and helping with letters and numbers. We are really sad their time at Hillside is over! Highly recommended.
A great family run business that really takes care of your little ones from prom to preschool. Can't recommend highly enough. Excellent in every way!
My 2 year old daughter is currently at hillside and has been since she was 8 months old. I couldn't be happier with the service we've received and my daughter absolutely loves it there. All the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and always go above and beyond to give the children the best experiences. I couldn't imagine sending my daughter anywhere else and I'd recommend hillside to anyone looking for a nursery for their children.
My second child is currently at Lyth Hill site, cried when my eldest left and booked my youngest in before he was born. Never felt nervous leaving either of my children in the care of Janet, Katie, Jo and their team. Hillside gave my eldest a head start when he went to school and felt we couldn't give our youngest anything different. Couldn't recommend Hillside House more highly, the welfare and development of the children is at their heart.
Our little boy has attended Hillside House since he was 9 months old and he is now nearly 4. This nursery is brilliant! The staff are caring, kind, knowledgeable and professional and have looked after our little boy amazingly well. He loves going to nursery and we will all be sad when he leaves in August ready to go to big School.
The staff and management at Hillside really care about the children in their care. They make the transition moving to nursery as easy as possible for both you and your child. This nursery will go above and beyond to cater to your individual needs. My son has a speech delay and I can't explain how amazing the staff and management have been in every aspect. We also had help with funding which where not expecting but it helped us enable our son to attend more regularly which has helped his progress. Thanks once again!
Everything about the nursery is perfect. My daughter is so happy here and the staff are amazing. My daughter didn't like me leaving at first but in no time she had bonded with the staff and now gets very excited on a Sunday night when we tell her it's nursery tomorrow. The range of activities are varied and my daughter has come on so much since being here. The nursery had been highly recommended to us however it has exceeded our expectations.
An absolute must if you want the best nursery for your little one in Shropshire. The staff are very friendly, highly trained and provide you with good daily feedback on a nice personal level with you and your child. The facilities are of a very high standard, all new and fresh, from the building itself to everything the children touch and interact with. I could not rate the nursery highly enough, the staff are also very accommodating and understanding with regards to your busy work schedule and timings. Huge thanks to everyone at hillside house, I don't think my little boy has cried once going in the mornings and thoroughly enjoys his days there. Highly recommended!!
If you want your baby/toddler to be loved and cared for in a family type setting knowing that all their needs will be taken care of, then either of the Hillside House settings are perfect for you. Having had 3 children, 2 went to Lyth Hill and my youngest to Hook-a-Gate as it was more convenient location wise. Both are beautiful settings, extremely well equipped and easy to get to. We've always described them as a home from home and often joke that the staff only leave when they are having a baby of their own and then they return! Not only do they provide wonderful, loving care but the food is amazing and the children always loved it, often eating things they would never try at home (thanks Nina!!). They bring in outside teachers to provide an even wider education to the children, yoga, Little Kickers, Dancing and more as well as delivering Forest School themselves. It's simple to say that your baby up to pre-schooler will be given an all round education which ensures they are fully ready for school. Unfortunately Im not having any more children which meant we finished at Hillside in August. I was devastated to be leaving the people who had become more like family and there were plenty of tears (and yes I mean mine) - throughout the time they were looking after my children they involved me every step of the way and made sure that as a mum I was felt like I was extremely welcome and just part of an extended family. My youngest misses all the staff and talks often about them and is looking forward to visiting in half term to tell them all about school. If you have any doubts, go and look around, you won't be disappointed.
Having had 3 daughters myself and 4 grandchildren, I have seen many nurseries/ playschools. I work within the school inviroment so know how important the transit from Preschool to school is.. Hillside nursery offers everything, it is set up perfectly, offering many things that they do when they start in a reception class. Forest school, baking, creative and water play. The list goes on. One of the most important things is the absolutely amazing staff, always a smile, they make you feel immediately welcome, they tell you all about your little ones day, a fabulous friendly team in every way. This is absolutely the best nursery I have seen to date, the full package!!
Hillside House deserves more than 5 stars! Our twin daughters started there at 11 months old and have recently started School. The team at Hillside excel at what they do and they treat each child as preciously as we do at home. They appreciate that each child comes with their own quirks and qualities and they embrace these to ensure each child feels nurtured. The staff have cared for them as if they were their own and supported us by giving them the right tools to transfer to school. The facilities are second to none, with large outdoor playing facilities and forest school. The activities carried out enhance learning and development and the information that is relayed to home is informative and relevant. I can't recommend them enough.
My daughter has just left hillside to go to school, she had been there for over 4 years and has loved every single moment she was there. She is very well prepared for her next step in school life being able to write her name, knows all her phonics and is social prepared too. All the staff at hillside have made an impact on my daughter, they are kind, caring and have a genuine love for children. All the extra curricular activities they provide are fantastic from yoga, dance, on site forest school, crafty kitchen and little kickers football, my daughter loved then all. I can not thank hillside enough for everything they have done for my daughter, we will all miss everyone very much. This is a fantastic OUTSTANDING nursery & preschool and I wouldn't have sent her anywhere else. Thank you so much again.
Hillside is a wonderful nursery and pre school setting. A homely and comfortable environment with excellent facilities and outside area. Janet and Alfie maintain exceptional staff who are extremely caring. Friendly and professional. As a family we have lovely memories of Hillside and our boys have had an excellent pre school experience. Hillside has been part of our lives for almost 7 years and we will miss the team greatly. I would highly recommend Hillside to others.
My daughter has just moved to Hillside House Nursery in Hook A Gate, I moved from Lyth Hill as the setting is nearer to drop my elder daughter off at Radbrook School. I couldn't be happier, the staff are amazing so kind and caring. My daughter attends Mon,Wed & Fri on each of these days they have an extra activity Yoga, Little Kickers and Crafty Cooks. Every part of this nursery has been finished to an extremely high standard, I can't praise Janet and Alfie enough, they have turned an old school into an amazing environment in which children can play and learn and be well cared for.
my son attended hillside for 3 years .i have seen him grow from a shy little boy into a confident boy willing to try new things and who is ready for school ,it is all down to the nurturing staff and stimulating environment that Janet and Alfie have created from the beginning. they have managed to provide a nursery that is a home away from home, a place where children matter and are valued for the unique little beings that they are. every child is made to feel special by all the staff who know them and I know my son grew to love the staff because he would talk about them none stop and he still does!! I cant not recommend this nursery highly enough, it is quite honestly the best nursery in Shropshire, and if you are looking for a fun, caring, homely, stimulating and loving place then look no further
I absolutely love this Nursery and think it is the perfect 'home' away from home environment. The staff are all very friendly and accommodating. I fell in love with soo many things at once; the views, the building itself, the staff, the menu, the curriculum. I wake five miles a day to take my daughter to this nursery. It deserves every star on my rating and more. It is the perfect environment for toddlers to develop life skills, hobbies and set curriculums. If you can, I recommend you take your child here 100% !!
My son has spent the last 3 years at this nursery, and it really is a fantastic place. The owners are very hard working, committed and generous people. And their pride and dedication to the nursery is reflected by the staff team who are all so friendly, caring, patient and professional people. The nursery setting is wonderful, clean, well equipped, and the children get to enjoy lots of outdoor play. My son has enjoyed sessions like crafty kitchen, forest school, little kickers, dance and yoga within his time there. The staff worked hard to ensure that my son settled at the nursery, and their daily focus is not just on the children's development and learning, but also ensuring that the children are happy and have lots of fun.
We first visited Hillside House over six years ago and didn't need to see any other places as we fell in love with it straight away. The staff were so friendly, the nursery was spacious, clean, bright and so welcoming. So much thought has clearly gone into planning the areas for kids.. Over the years I have seen the changes they have made like the huge cover to provide continuous indoor/outdoor play. My views on the nursery haven't changed, it was the best place to send my son and my daughter has just finished there ready for school. Thanks to their guidance and support she can read and write already.. My youngest daughter is loving her time there too and i will be very sad when she finishes.. Thank you Janet and all the team. Xxxxx
In 2009 I walked into Hillside House Nursery with my 3 month old daughter and I knew immediately that this was the Nursery for me. Six and a half years on and, today, my 4 year old son will be enjoying his very last day at Hillside before he starts school in September. Janet and Alfie are clearly absolutely devoted to the children in their care, and this filters down to every single member of staff employed there. They have a wonderful ability to always find staff members who are creative, cheerful, warm and absolutely professional in every way. The staff are genuinely interested in your individual child, often recounting funny incidents that they have shared with your child that day, or making sure you know when they have achieved something new or different. The wonderful food that is served to the children is all home-made on site, and the children even get to cook for themselves during their "Crafty Kitchen" activity sessions. Every day at Hillside there are special activities led either by outside experts (such as Dance, Little Kickers and Yoga) or their own qualified staff members (Makaton and Forest School). Children work both individually and in groups with their letters and sounds and number work and the speed at which my children advanced in these areas was amazing! It certainly gives children a head start when they start school. I have no hesitation in recommending Hillside House for your child - it really is an absolutely wonderful place.
How do you make a nursery into a home? Hillside have achieved it. It's been a privilege to send both our boys there, we couldn't have hoped for a better nursery.
This is the most amazing nursery. I feel privileged that my eldest daughter has been able to go there. The outside space is second to none, the owners are wonderful and constantly strive for excellence. You couldn't wish for nicer staff to look after your child. I will be sad when my daughter starts school.
Hillside House is a happy, friendly and professional nursery/preschool. the rooms are all lovely and the outdoor play facilities are wonderful. There is nowhere else like it in Shropshire! The meals are all freshly cooked and gorgeous and the standard of care is faultless. I would recommend Hillside to everyone who wants to be able to go to work and know they child is happy!
I have used Hillside for ten years and have been very pleased with their care of my four children. The staff are friendly, caring and helpful. My children have been extremely happy there and have learnt a lot in their first four years, which is a good step before starting school. I have and still will recommend Hillside House Nursery to people. I am sure their good caring work will continue for many years.
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