Fibre Heroes
  • Covering Shrewsbury and Shropshire
Fibre Broadband direct to property in Shropshire for both businesses and residents from Fibre Heroes.

Fibre Heroes, part of Full Fibre Ltd has been providing broadband since 2017. They have been swooping into market towns, like Shrewsbury, that have been previously forgotten by other large network providers who focus entirely on bigger urban areas.


Fibre broadband for homes


Fibre Heroes want to bring super-fast fibre broadband to Shrewsbury residents, where the opportunities that it brings have been kept captive by buffering baddies, cruel copper, spiteful signal and wicked weather! 


Fibre Heroes provide towns with a real fibre-to-the-home connection. This means, rather than finishing at the cabinet and continuing with copper, fibre cables are brought straight into your home. The result? A flawless connection that can reach gigabit-speeds no matter the time or weather. 


Key benefits of Fibre to the home include:


Smoother streaming 

Flawless video calls with loved ones

Level up your gaming experience



No more buffering connection or issues with too many gadgets connected at once. With Fibre Heroes everyone in your home can get online and stay online.



Fibre broadband for businesses


So, what can ultra fast fibre bring to a local Shrewsbury business? By joining the Fibre Heroes network, international conference calls will be flawless – no more staring at the buffering screen or at a pixilated picture.


Team members can transfer, download and upload large files in seconds, and have uninterrupted conversations and meetings, increasing productivity across the entire business.


Using the Cloud to access crucial data anywhere will become effortless and safer and cyber security can be monitored remotely. 


Many companies now have a large number of automated equipment, which can work flawlessly with gigabit-capable speeds. 


To find out more about accessing fibre to the home or business broadband in Shrewsbury and beyond contact Fibre Heroes on 01392 793127.



Remember to mention the best of Shrewsbury when contacting Fibre Heroes.

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