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Dance with Music - friendly, professional Dance Schools, Classes and Lessons in Shrewsbury and across Shropshire - for adults, children, singles and couples of all ages and ability.

Donald and Melanie run Dance with Music, providing Dance Lessons and Classes in Shrewsbury. They promote Ballroom and Latin American dancing across Shropshire by bringing their dance classes to a location convenient to you.

If you're a fan of Strictly Come Dancing and wish you could learn to dance properly, now is your chance! Dance with Music runs dance classes at various venues around Shropshire, including Shrewsbury, helping people like you to learn to dance properly. Donald and Melanie are World Champions and have coached World Champions but don't assume their classes are too advanced - they welcome people of all abilities. And it's fun!

By creating a local dance community, friends and families can spend quality time together, meet new people, and involve themselves in this healthy activity whilst learning a lifetime skill. Children especially benefit from learning to dance - it encourages them to socialise and work with the opposite gender, learning about aspects of teamwork and helping to build confidence and agility as well as improving their overall fitness levels.

From small beginnings, Dance with Music has developed into a thriving Shropshire dance community where all ages and levels are catered for, including:

  • Absolute beginners classes to multi-level classes that suit different people
  • Adults of all ages, singles & couples, and children from age 4
  • Dance classes to private lessons for social dancers, wedding couples, medalists and competitive dancers
  • Social evenings, Summer and Christmas Balls and trips to dance events
  • Medal tests, medalist competitions, inter-school competitions and open championships



Ballroom and Latin American Dancing


Ballroom and Latin American Dancing have remained popular for many years and cover all aspects of dance - posture, movement, balance, musical interpretation, partnering skills, etc. This means it is a more coherent way to learning to dance and as a result, many Ballroom and Latin American dancers find it easy to adapt to the "renegade" dances, whereas dancers who only learn the single format dances will usually find it difficult to replicate this with Ballroom Dancing.


Private Lessons


Dance with Music does offer Private Dance Lessons in Shrewsbury, which will be tailored to your exact needs and abilities. It's not just for serious dancers - it works equally well for Social or Hobby dancers as well.


The First Wedding Dance


If you're getting married, Dance with Music can help you and your partner to be fully prepared! Imagine taking to the floor and giving a performance that every guest will remember.... Donald and Melanie will provide the lessons - even arranging a dance to your favourite piece of music - but don't leave it too late.... You may not turn into World Champions overnight...!



To discuss dance lessons in Shrewsbury with Dance with Music, call Donald and Melanie on 07770 636484.



Please mention the best of shrewsbury when contacting Dance with Music.

Dance Lessons and Classes in Shrewsbury

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