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CWS are window cleaners in Shrewsbury who provide a high quality, affordable service to homes and commercial premises. From windows to signage and solar panels, you can depend on Cleaner Windows Shropshire to deliver great results.

Are you looking for a recommended window cleaner in Shrewsbury? Cleaner Windows Shropshire is a friendly and professional business that makes three pledges to their customers; they will always be: 

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Affordable


CWS cleans windows in Shrewsbury on a six-week rotation. This means you know when to expect their visit and can rely on them to be there on time, every time. It also means that your total window cleaning bill over a year will work out less than the traditional monthly visit but your windows are still cleaned regularly enough!

CWS also prides itself on having clear pricing and being easy to contact. Owner Adam Harvey says, “We have found the number one complaint about window cleaners in Shrewsbury is that they disappear with no notice to their customers. This is usually because they initially under price their work.

Some other window cleaners will quote low prices but disappear once they’ve found more profitable work. This is not the CWS way. If you would like to arrange a quote, the team would be only too happy to help. 

CWS cleans: 

  • Windows, Frames, Sills and Doors
  • Velux windows 
  • Stained and Leaded glass
  • Solar panels
  • Conservatories
  • Canopies
  • Signage
  • Cladding


Because of their water-fed pole system, they don’t need to use ladders, which removes risk to your property. CWS can clean up to the 3rd floor and work around any obstacles.

Solar panel cleaning

The dirt that builds up on solar panels through rain, wind, bird excrement and more reduces the overall effectiveness of your solar panels. To keep them working efficiently, they need to be regularly cleaned.

Cleaning solar panels is not a DIY job. Getting up to the roof or cleaning without the proper tools can make for a dangerous situation. Many people who own solar panels simply don’t have the time or inclination to do this job. Thankfully, CWS offers this service, saving you the hassle and risk.

CWS uses a pure water system, which doesn’t leave behind residue like ordinary tap water or rain water. This way, the solar panels are cleaned effectively and safely. This in turn ensures an optimum return for your investment into your panels.

Extra services

If you like, CWS can also text, call or email the day before their scheduled visit to double check you are still available. If the date needs to be changed, they will always be easy to correspond with.

CWS cleans windows in Shrewsbury for both residential and commercial properties, including business offices, schools and care homes. If you’re not sure whether they can help, please get in touch with Adam and he will be happy to consult with you.


For all enquiries, please call 07989 775143.


Please mention the best of Shrewsbury when contacting CWS.

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Great service. Nice to find a reliable window cleaner who also offers a quality service. Friendly too and professional in how they conduct themselves.