Which University is Leading the Research of Arthritis Pain?
15th August 2013
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Arthritis is a very common condition (there are around 10 million sufferers in the UK) that causes pain and inflammation within a joint. The familiar nature of the condition cries out for research into more effective ways to handle arthritis pain, and Salford University answered that call.

That's right, our very own University are conducting an Arthritis Research UK-funded project that is searching for 60 people, aged between 40 and 85 from Greater Manchester, to take part. The project will be focusing on wedge insoles that will help to battle osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis.

The objective of the project is to reduce the load on the knee joint by correcting the way you walk using special wedge insoles that will, in theory, reduce pain.

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biomechanics, Dr Richard Jones explained,

"When we stand, walk or climb stairs, our weight is transmitted through our knee joint. The way this weight is transmitted and its measurement is determined as load. We aim to gain a more thorough understanding of the loading on the knee that leads to osteoarthritis, and the effect that different insoles have on this load."

I wish Salford University, and those participating, the best of luck.

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