What a load of rubbish!
10th September 2012
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With the council lumbering us Salfordians with what feels like hundreds of bins, it’s hard to remember which colour goes on which day!

Recycling is great, and it’s a nice feeling knowing you’re contributing to helping the environment, rather than sending everything to landfill. But with so many bins, which ones go out when? Well, your original black bin for household waste goes out weekly on a certain day, so you’ll probably remember that one if any.

The blue bin for paper and cardboard gets emptied every 4th week on a specific day, and the council can provide the schedule for this if you give them a call, or you may have a flyer lying around from when you first got given the bins!

The brown bin for glass, plastic, aluminium cans, etc, also goes out every 4th week, but will be on a different cycle to your blue one, so be sure to check.

Lastly, the black bin with magenta lid (the vibrant pink colour of our fair city) is for garden waste is emptied more frequently than the blue and brown bins, (every 2 weeks), so again check your schedule to see which day has been chosen for your area of Salford.

You may also be interested to know that if the bins are really lumbering you with no space or you just never fill them to the top, you can get a smaller size version of each one on request – a space saver and you feel better for filling it!

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