Uni Tips for New Students
27th September 2012
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Your first year may seem like a time to mess about, because your work doesn’t count towards your final degree mark, but when you’re paying all that money...why waste it?

Go to all the intro meeting and workshops that you can. Even if listening to someone talk about how to make your essays better bores you to death, you cannot believe how much you will benefit. Take every opportunity to soak up all the information you can from your professors, the majority of them have had very interesting and successful careers!

Ask questions. If you don’t understand something, ask someone, it’s as simple as that. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you’ve written an essay on completely the wrong thing because you were too afraid to ask the teacher! They’re there to help you, so ask them how to make your essays better, or about anything else that could help you.

Get work experience or do volunteering. You really don’t want to come out of Uni with an empty CV, because you’ll simply become lost in a sea of unemployed graduates looking for a job. Apply for internships, volunteer wherever you can, do some charity work...anything to let employers know you actually care about your career.

All in all, just work hard. Find a balance between work and play, and think hard about prioritising your work over nights out on the town. You won’t get another shot once third year rolls around, so get into that mindset from the word go!

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