Strong is The New Sexy
21st February 2012
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There are many misconceptions surrounding the use of weights and weight training for women and at NODUMBELLES Personal Training would like to dispel some of those myths. The use of progressive weight resistance training for women is beneficial in a whole variety of ways.  Purely from a health point of view, training with weights can help to offset osteoporosis as by stressing the skeletal system during training it will cause the body to release more calcium and help to strengthen the bones. Then there is the cardio vascular aspect, correct exercise with weights will improve your cardio vascular fitness.

Strength training for women will change the way you look, think and behave. Your self belief and confidence will grow along with your strength. You will NOT turn into a female hulk. You WILL change your body shape, improve your metabolism, increase calorie burning lean muscle. How many really muscular women do you actually personally know or have ever known? My guess is non. If it was so easy to bulk up then surely we would see muscular women everywhere.

There is overwhelming evidence to su ggest hours of running of the treadmill has an extremely detrimental effect on our female physiology and actually has the opposite of the desired fat burning effect. Think how many ladies we see doing the same thing month after month after month and all they become is skinny and shapeless AT BEST (a look promoted by middle aged men in the fashion industry). Hey if that is the look you are after, along with the internal health destruction then who am I to challenge your ideal?  If it’s shape, health, longevity, confidence, self belief, strength of body AND mind then it’s time to change tactics.

Skinny is so out! Strong is in town and we are taking names.

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