Spring clean your wardrobe
25th June 2013
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Ok so it might be a bit past spring now but it’s never too late to have a bit of a clear out, especially when you need all that extra room for your summer clobber!

There are plenty of good uses for old clothes, whether you have the time to sell them or just want to see them put to good use. If you live in Salford there’s a good chance you’ll get at least one charity bag for clothes through your door every day, so if you want to do your bit for a good cause, donate your old clothes to charity! If you have some spare time on your hands, list any decent clothes on ebay, and see if you can make some money back on them. Be sure to list the size and where it’s from, as these are the kind of keywords that buyers search for. And be realistic about starting prices, people are attracted to 99p items, so more buyers will fight for them, and you’ll ultimately make more! If you want to go all out, why not host a swishing party for all your girlfriends? That way you can get rid of your unwanted clothes and possibly get some new ones for free while you’re at it!

The most important thing to bear in mind when you’re having a clearout is, be ruthless! If you didn’t wear it last winter, you’re not going to wear it this winter, so get rid of it. It just might be what someone else is looking for!

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