Registering for primary school places
2nd October 2012
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Securing school places can be quite stressful for parents, especially if you want your child to go to a certain school, maybe because it’s closest to you or for a variety of other reasons. Most Salford schools require registration for places in the January before your child would start school in September. If you’re wondering when your little ones start nursery, it’s in the September following their 3rd birthday.

Some other institutions such as private preparatory schools may require registration up to a few years before your child is due to start there (some people even secure places whilst they’re still pregnant!) so if you’re going to go down this path then you really need to think about your options in advance. As for other regular schools there’s no harm in getting in early if you really want to make sure your child has a place, and similarly if you apply late you run the risk of not getting in!

You can already register for primary school places on Salford’s government website, so if you’ve made the decision about the right school for your little ones, apply now!

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