Parking Charges at Fit City Eccles
6th July 2012
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Parking Charges at Fit City Eccles

Nowadays we are constantly being encouraged to do more exercise. There are those adverts with the play dough family, Weight Watchers with their ‘move more’ campaign, and I think all of us know by now that fitness is crucial for living a long and healthy life. Why then are those of us adhering to these pleas being charged to park at local gyms?! It creates a real inconvenience, and I know certainly puts some people off altogether.

Fit City Eccles charges people (even members!) to park up until 6.30pm, which is a real deterrent for those wanting to work out in the daytime. I worked out that if you went to the gym 4 times a week (which is recommended), and you could only go before 6.30, you would pay more a month in parking charges than you pay for the actual gym membership, which seems scandalous! I understand that gyms are able to offer cheaper membership rates because they make their money back with things like parking fees, but why just Eccles? Other fit city gyms such as Irlam and Broughton offer free parking.

If there is some underlying reason why Eccles needs to charge for parking then that’s fine, as free parking may encourage shoppers to use the car park, but it seems they could easily implement a system which lets parking attendants know which cars belong to gym members, and let those people park for free – certainly more of an incentive to get down to the gym more!

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