New Year - New You.
19th January 2012
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What to eat healthier this year? Try to stick to the following:

1.    Drink more water - drink at least 2 litres per day

2.    Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince & dine like a pauper - fuel your body upon wakening not before going to sleep

3.    Eat only complex, low GI carbs - avoid ‘white’ food, get your carbs from vegetables & avoid carbs later at night

4.     Eat more protein  - try to eat protein with every meal, protein makes you feel full

5.    Fat doesn’t make you fat! - you need a mixture of fats in your diet, avoid processed fats like margarine, use natural fats like butter, or olive oil etc

6.    Eat more fibre - get fibre from vegetables, fruit skins etc & eat colourful vegetables

7.    Avoid processed foods - don’t eat anything you granny/mother wouldn’t recognise - clean up your diet to eat ‘pure’ foods

8.    Cut down on your sugar intake - this includes hidden sugar – sweeteners are processed foods, fruit contains natural sugars so not too much & use honey if need be

9.    Don’t go too mad on fruit - berries are good but anything else needs to be eaten with other foods to slow down the release of sugar into your blood

10.    Eat little & often - make sure you eat smaller snacks in between meals, nuts & seeds are a  good snack

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