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10th September 2012
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I’m an avid believer in networking – I’ve been in business for over three years, and most of my new clients come to me this way. Networking is one of the most cost effective and powerful ways of expanding your business. Did you know that just over 60% of new business is generated through qualified referrals, as opposed to cold calling? Master your networking, and you will see a big difference in your revenue... there’s a fortune to be made if you use the right techniques and tools at your disposal.

As a Local Director for two Salford-based networking groups, people have often asked me what my best networking tips would be. After much consideration, the top one I would choose would be one that was given to me by a former mentor. He advised me that whenever I walked into a networking event, I should make everyone in that room feel important.

Start putting this tip into action, and instantly see the difference!

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