How Will You Remember Our Blue Cranes?
27th November 2013
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A few weeks back, I wrote a blog about the demolition of Salford’s iconic blue cranes that have populated our skyline for years. It was a sad and somber occasion as an important part of Salford’s history was about to be destroyed. They are now gone, but not forgotten.

Friday 15th November 2013 was already an important date in the calendar of the local people, marking the return of the famous annual lantern parade, and now it will be remembered for a different and wonderful reason – Our iconic blue cranes were given the goodbye they deserved in a moving commemoration.

The cranes were recreated as the centerpiece and main attraction of Lighting the Legend with hundreds of people paraded through the streets of Salford carrying crane themed lanterns. It was easy to see the connection that the people harboured with the cranes and their grief at the demolition.

A reminder of a time when Salford Quays was populated with cargo ships rather than shops and restaurants and although the regeneration has brought endless benefits to the area – the cranes were a vital part of Salford’s history.

Two big, blue cranes have been given the send off that they deserve. Gone but not forgotten.

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