How Can You Help KidsCan?
4th September 2013
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Cancer is one of modern society's most infamous tragedies that continues to affect and destroy the lives of so many, as researchers and scientists search desperately for a cure. So many organisations and charities work tirelessly towards this goal and with lots of them (too many) without any consistent external funding then they rely on people like us to help them continue the fight against cancer.

In this respect, KidsCan is a Salford based Charity that works as a children's cancer research centre that is committed to the cure for cancer, as well as the treatment involved. The organisation was established in 2002 and has already done some fantastic and rewarding work that has helped to improve the condition of children with cancer. However, KidsCan rely on people like you, and businesses, as well as me for funding and they need you help to keep the research centre alive.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. In a bid to raise money in donations to keep KidsCan helping those who need it, they are hosting a Shark Dive. You read that right, KidsCan are offering you a chance to spend 30 minutes in a tank with 27 different types of shark – for free! All you need to do is raise £350 pound in sponsorships that will be donated towards the charity.

This is one amazing way to help raise money to put towards children cancer research, who knew that sharks were so useful? Make a difference in a family's life today.

Call 0161 295 3864 for more information.

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