How Can Businesses Obtain Super Fast Broadband?
7th August 2013
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Rejoice Salford business owners, Salford City Council are guiding you towards a brighter and connected future! Nowadays, fast broadband is a gateway to endless possibilities as more and more businesses rightfully utilise the internet to great success and The Council have gone to great lengths so that each local business can get the most out of the broadband potential.

The Council-led scheme benefits small to medium-sized businesses, which are able to apply for vouchers that would cover the costs of getting a fast broadband connection direct to their business location. This means that the business will only have to pay the VAT and monthly subscription cost. This broadband can be up to 5 times faster than the bog standard Internet connection. Now that is a scheme I can really get behind.

It is brilliant to see The Council recognising the importance of all local businesses (no matter the size!) and Salford City Mayor, Ian Stewart, is fully behind these grants, and said, "With this funding the rest of the city will have the opportunity to connect their business to ultra fast broadband to encourage business growth."

To reiterate, these vouchers are available to any business of any size so I urge local businesses to get involved with this scheme as fast as you can. This is a pilot scheme, only available until September, working on a first come first served basis. Go forth and be connected!

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