Have You Heard About The Ballet Coming to Salford?
30th December 2013
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Ballet is a wonderful showcase of speed, balance and grace that can evoke deep and meaningful experiences but what are your first thoughts when I mention ‘The Ballet’? Is it one of curiosity as you consider the prospect of attending your first performance? Or is one of familiarity, as your mind goes back to when you witnessed your first ballet performance?

Wherever your mind takes you, you are probably interested in hearing about a certain ballet performance that The Lowry has the honour of taking part in its UK premiere. Only the best come to Salford and recognise our Lowry theatre for the wonderful venue that it is, playing host to breathtaking production after breathtaking production.

The ballet performance in question is The Prince of the Pagodas, the only commissioned ballet from Benjamin Britten, telling the story of Princess Sakura in the mourning for the death of her brother and slow disintegration of her once all powerful father, the Emperor of the Chrysanthemum Throne. The Emperor, broken by the death f his son, allows his evil new wife to take control of his kingdom.

This is a wonderful reworking of a traditional Japanese fairytale and one that can’t be missed. Book your tickets now to not be disappointed!


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