Has Salford Uni cut jobs for a new logo?
28th May 2012
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Has Salford Uni cut jobs for a new logo?

Salford University are due to make redundancies shortly after investing £132,000 on rebranding the University and a further £21,000 on a sign for the main campus. The question on the students lips is ‘Do you care more about your brand than the welfare of your staff and students?’. The answer to that question is up to you to decide.

The University will cut 200 jobs just in time for September 2012. The areas that will be most heavily affected by the cuts are Languages, Art and Design, Computer Studies, Life Sciences, Humanities and Environmental Studies. Students and staff are enraged at the decision to cut jobs and the students are worried that their degree could suffer as a result.

There is also speculation that the University may be at risk of a law suit as their new brand claims the University is in Manchester, whereas people have argued that it is, in fact, in Salford and not a part of its sister city. The University have said they included ‘Manchester’ in the logo so that it would make locating it easier.

These cuts have led the staff and students to feel disappointed, uninspired and even hurt that this could happen.

Can the University survive if it continues to disappoint students and spend money on areas some think are pointless?

Becky Garrattley
Student, Salford University

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