Go to your local butcher for quality, value and some damn good advice.
24th April 2012
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Go to your local butcher for quality, value and some damn good advice.

How far do you travel for the best meat?


Do you stick to your local supermarket shelves or do you go that extra mile for quality (and better yet, value) where you know the people serving you are highly skilled and trained butchers who know their craft inside and out?

My butcher of choice at the moment is Lars Zollinger in Roe Green, Worsley. Some people may say that travelling 14 miles (there and back) might be quite a distance to go for fresh meat, and yes, I might agree that it’s a tad excessive, it’s just, they’re so bloomin’ good!


Not only did I get the most beautiful cut of fillet steak I have ever laid eyes on, Lars himself gave me tips on how to cook a mean steak:


  1. First, take the room-temperature meat (take it out of the fridge an 1–1½ hours before you’re ready to cook) and cook it 9/10 of the way through (I like mine blue so literally show it the pan!)
  2. Leave the steak to rest on a plate and get on with your veggies, chips and anything else you’re making to accompany the steak. Doesn’t matter how long this takes forget about the steak, it’s not going anywhere!
  3. Finally, when everything is ready to serve, flash-fry the steak that last 1/10 and you’re done! This makes sure you have a steak that’s cooked perfectly to your liking and served hot.


Et voila! Perfect steak everytime! Enjoy!*


*Don't slather your steak in sauce. It's insulting to the quality of the meat. If you insist on having sauce, pop it on the side or in a little jug for dipping.

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