Further Developments in the Salford Quays area
14th May 2013
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How do you feel about the new developments going on around Salford?

If you looked at Salford Quays a few years ago and compared it to 2013, the place would hardly be recognisable. With MediaCityUK bringing the new BBC headquarters, offices, apartment blocks, new facilities for Salford Uni, and much more, the place is a hive of activity, and it only continues to grow.

A meeting was held in April regarding the latest swanky development at Salford Quays, which is soon to be the new hotspot for offices in the areas of Manchester and Salford. The ‘Soapworks’ (formerly the Colgate-Palmolive factory down at the Quays) has been taken on by development giants The Carlyle Group, alongside Nikal and Abstract Securities. This 210,000 square foot venture is part of a 70 million pound development that will transform the iconic Soapworks factory into top of the range office spaces. The presentation in April came just as construction got under way, to introduce the development to all the influential individuals from the property market.

With all the developments going on around Salford, and any free space or old factory being turned into the likes of offices and apartments, residents are divided on whether these changes are helping the city or simply making it unrecognisable. Share your views!

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