Drinkwater Park Mountain Bike Track
26th May 2012
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Drinkwater Park
mountain bike track

Last week, I spent it mountain biking in Anglesey. Fell off a few times (as per usual!) and ended up headfirst in a hawthorn bush, a week later, and I’m still digging them out of my hand! As beautiful as Anglesey is though, it was good to get back home to Salford and have a rip around the Drinkwater Park track in Prestwich.

I'm surprised that it’s not as well known, so here's a quick overview:

It's mainly a single track, winding it's way through trees and bushes, with a few optional detours for a more interesting ride. The whole area has been well-developed with some good wide flat paths that’s suitable for cycling, walking and running.

I’ve described the course starting from the old railway bridge behind Pilkinton Glass, when you’re at this starting post (see picture 1) the direction is in a clockwise motion going under the bridge. Follow the track and you’ll eventually come to a post with a “red” and “blue” arrow, these posts are telling you that the blue arrow is the same type of track and the red arrow is a small detour that’s a bit more rugged (see pic 2). 

There's a couple of these going across the rocks but the 3rd post diverts you up a small hill turning you right down a very windy track through the trees (see pic 3).

You then wind your way around the trees on the flat coming to a small bridge over a stream giving you another chance to test your skills and fitness if you wish (see pic 4).

It’s a good track to time-trial yourself around but I would suggest on your first visit that you get use to the layout and go slow as there are some sharp turns that can catch you out at speed. This track is more challenging after it’s been raining for a few days. 

You can get to Radcliffe by going over the M60 down the old railway line or you can get to Heaton Park without having to go on the roads.

So what are you waiting for?? Get out there and discover all the tracks and paths near you! It’s great for the whole family!

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